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Listening to (and Saving) the World’s Languages [NYT]

The chances of overhearing a conversation in Vlashki, a variant of Istro-Romanian, are greater in Queens than in the remote mountain villages in Croatia that immigrants now living in New York left years ago….

In addition to dozens of Native American languages, vulnerable foreign languages that researchers say are spoken in New York include Aramaic, Chaldic and Mandaic from the Semitic family; Bukhari (a Bukharian Jewish language, which has more speakers in Queens than in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan), Chamorro (from the Mariana Islands), Irish Gaelic, Kashubian (from Poland), indigenous Mexican languages, Pennsylvania Dutch, Rhaeto-Romanic (spoken in Switzerland) and Romany (from the Balkans) and Yiddish.

(H/T: Close Read)

Archbishop of Canterbury on Catholic Abuse Scandals [NYT Lede Blog]

I think it’s a lesson we’ve all had to learn the hard way, really, because, I guess that for an awful lot of Christian institutions until fairly recently the default setting, it would be: ‘Got to try and hang on to the institution’s credibility.’ And, well, we’ve learned that that is damaging, it’s wrong, it’s dishonest and it requires that very hard recognition, which ought to be, ought to be natural for the Christian church, based as it is on repentance and honesty, we’ve had to learn well, honesty and truthfulness are the only way in which we can survive in any way as an institution.


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