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Gary Haugen Profiled in The New Yorker

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The arrival of The New Yorker to my mailbox marks one the highlights of my week. I pull it out and pause, key in door, studying the cover art. Then I walk inside, set down my things, and peel the cover open like a present being unwrapped, savoring the pleasure of a hunger–forgotten among the week’s many distractions–being satiated.

This week during my ritual, I discovered a lengthy article profiling Gary Haugen–Harvard & Chicago-trained lawyer, founder and director of the International Justice Mission, author of The Good News About Injustice, notable evangelical. Awesome!, I thought. I have been aware of IJM for years, known several friends who worked for them, and saw Haugen speak at Trinity while I was a student.

But then I noticed that not only was the profile about IJM and Haugen, but that it was written by Samantha Power–Obama advisor, Pulitzer Price winner for A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide (2003), Harvard Kennedy School scholar, human rights activist.

Then I noticed that the photography for the article was by James Nachtwey–American photojournalist, world-famous war photographer, subject of the documentary “War Photographer”,  2007 TED Prize winner. Nachtwey had a show downtown last summer which blew me away; his work is absolutely devastating.

Needless to say, at this point it felt like Christmas. An article intersecting these three names is not to be missed.

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“Their Own Worst Enemy”

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This month The Atlantic‘s James Fallows, who lives in Beijing, has a new dispatch called Their Own Worst Enemy, in which he asks: “Why is China so stunningly bad at managing its own reputation?” Read the rest of this entry »