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The Festival of the Photograph

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2009 at 12:28 am

To see life;
to see the world;
to eyewitness great events
—to see strange things—
machines, armies, multitudes,
shadows in the jungle and on the moon;
to see man’s work—his paintings,
towers and discoveries;
to see things thousands of miles away;
things hidden behind walls and within rooms,
things dangerous to come to;
the women that men love and many children;
to see and to take pleasure in seeing;
to see and be amazed;
to see and be instructed.
—Henry Luce

The Festival of the Photograph returns to Charlottesville today. Our whole downtown walking mall has been set as a banquet table for the eyes. Giant photos of animals hang in the trees—a leopard, a falcon, a chick—prompting crouching parents raising pointing fingers to redirect the gazes of children skyward. Look—no, higher!—up there!


Yes, up in the trees and on giant erected screens, on the sides of buildings and at the Pavilion, in the theaters, in the galleries—so many galleries, galleries established and make-shift galleries created—on the backs of every camera—so many cameras!—and on every glossy printed surface—photographs.

It’s glorious.

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